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Hi there! My name is Madina and I’m an environmental architect. Thanks for taking time to look at my portfolio. Below is a quick overview of who I am and why I do what I do.

I completed a 5-year degree in architecture and town planning in Kazakhstan and completed a Masters of Architecture at The University of Melbourne in December 2016. Growing up, I was surrounded by many soviet style buildings which influenced me in the purely practical nature of architecture, whereas studying at the University of Melbourne I learned and explored more about aesthetics and architectural philosophy. In my designs I therefore aim to combine these two aspects into one philosophy with both a practical and poetical approach.

In the same way as I love architecture, I also love our planet and nature. Therefore I believe that these two passions can merge into one amalgamated process and contribute to each other. My architectural process starts with a problem solving approach, where the concept stems from extensive research on problems that can be solved through the built environment. 

I envision architecture as a tool that helps to improve our quality of life and the environment. I believe that instead of being a taker of resources, the built environment should be a caretaker, providing energy, care, biodiversity and environmental improvements.

I share the ‘Dare to be Naïve’ manifesto by Buckminster Fuller which states that sometimes we cannot see what we cannot see because our view is culturally and technologically constrained. Hence I like to start my projects with pure naiveté, tabula rasa and liberate myself from the constraints of the world we have orchestrated.

Thank you for your time, and please feel free to peruse my designs and contact me if you want to say hi or talk about architecture, sustainability, Buckminster Fuller or anything that you find interesting!

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