Aerogel insulated movable and translucent cabins on sledge structure. 

Bee Breeders Competition Project 

Location: Iceland, Mývatn

Inspired by traditional Icelandic A-framed houses, proposed cabins have a triangulated roof structure representing simple geometric forms.

Lightrooms are mobile and stand on a sledge structure that can be easily moved around the site with the help of a small vehicle. Cabins are constructed from polycarbonate walls insulated with aerogel which makes cabins very light and translucent. The word ‘translucent’ is derived from the Latin ‘trans’ (through) and ‘lucere’ (to shine), hence Lightrooms reinterprets the northern lights through the use of materials that also enhance the experience of Aurora Borealis.

Lightrooms help to promote sustainable tourism and focuses on regeneration and reforestation in Iceland. Each guest is encouraged to plant a tree on the site during their visit. Restoring Iceland's native tree cover can help with soil-erosion, improving water quality and will reduce the carbon footprint.

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