Integration of human machinery with regenerated nature.

University Project

Location: Earth

The project attempts to create an ideal society and harmony between nature and humanity. Its utopian idyllic concept illustrates regenerated Earth and less destructive humankind. The concept also speculates on how the planet would look if homo sapiens were no longer the prevailing species on Earth but rather a contribution towards the wellness of the planet.

The speculation involves the development of artificial intelligence that programmed (itself?) as a guardian of the planet. The AI manages the omni – interaccommodative regeneration involving the restoration of the biosphere that eventually will result in the evolution of new species and organism.

Floating cities are occupied by homo sapiens who work with (under?) AI and experience life on the planet by captivating vistas and consumed vegetable products that come from robotic agriculture. Cities can float in different altitudes and are able to dock and undock using magnets to form bigger communities. That being said, there are no longer any countries, politics and economics, but rather one unified intelligence that encapsulates all consciousness exists in the world.  

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